Press Release

Environmental Techniques Featured on BBC


Environmental Techniques was recently featured in a story titled, "How Drones Are Replacing People in Sewer Surveys."

At the end of 2021, Scottish Water challenged Environmental Techniques, an Aegion company, and Caledonia Water Alliance to find an innovative way to inspect Scotland’s sewer network. Environmental Techniques Director Shauna Herron contacted Jack Hutton of Good Friday Robotics, who spent months designing and developing a bespoke drone to fly into sewer pipes.

Many sewers in Scotland are difficult to survey using traditional CCTV techniques, and Jack’s drone technology enables operators to view the inside of the sewer network.

Drone surveys reduce time in confined spaces and reduced risk to operatives since the drone can be flown in from the ground surface with no need to enter manholes. They can also be completed safely with two- and three-men crews compared to nine for a safe man-entry walk through, while reducing the need for jetting and flow control.

Fewer number of operatives and vehicles required on site also ensures a smaller carbon footprint