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UV and Odor-Mitigation Solutions

Insituform’s iPlus® Composite is a fiber-reinforced CIPP product with greater strength and stiffness than traditional CIPP offerings- making it ideal for the rehabilitation of medium- to large-diameter gravity pipes (24 to 96 inches).

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iPlus® Composite is reinforced with carbon fiber and/or corrosion resistant fiberglass materials. Only fibers that are resistant to the corrosive materials in sewer pipelines are used. Carbon and Advantex™ fiberglass materials have excellent chemical resistance to materials found in sewers and exceed all of the trenchless ASTM industry corrosion requirements.

The iPlus® Composite laminate design theory optimally utilizes the structural reinforcing materials, reducing the CIPP wall thickness by about half. As with other CIPP products, the applied pipe loads are calculated according to the trenchless technology industry accepted standards, such as ASTM F1216.

  1. Better for the environment

    iPlus® Composite is truly a product that does more with less. Less resin is used to produce this product, less energy is required to cure this product and less fuel is needed to transport this product to the jobsite. iPlus® Composite can be installed in less time than conventional CIPP, saving energy and reducing emissions released into the air from onsite equipment. All these factors are good for the environment and will help agencies meet federal mandates to reduce emissions and conserve energy.

  2. More strength.

    Reinforcing fibers are integrated into the pipe wall to form a sandwich laminate structure with improved physical properties. The improved flexural strength makes iPlus® Composite an excellent material choice for non-circular cross-sections containing straight sides, like egg shapes or flat bottom arch pipes.

  3. More capacity

    By combining innovative engineering technology with superior materials, Insituform provides a fully structural pipeline rehabilitation product with about half the wall thickness of conventional CIPP products. iPlus® Composite delivers increased flow capacity relative to the host pipe and more conventional rehabilitation products.