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Infrastructure Solutions

Aegion's Infrastructure Solutions platform includes Insituform Technologies, Fyfe Co., Fibrwrap Construction, MTC and Underground Solutions. These companies provide infrastructure rehabilitation and strengthening solutions for pipelines, buildings, bridges and other structures.

Insituform's trenchless solutions have the ability to go where some dig and replace methods can't.  In fact, we have renewed pipelines beneath interstates, bridges, busy roadways, airports and military installations without disrupting traffic.

Fyfe and Fibrwrap manufacture, engineer and install fiber-reinforced strengthening systems for buildings, bridges and a variety of other infrastructure. This mix of products and services provides a complete solution for all of your pipeline applications. Browse the categories to the left to learn more about our solutions for various types of infrastructure.

Manufactured Technologies Corporation (MTC) delivers the quality you demand by placing the focus on premium materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing and equipment. MTC combines this commitment to excellence with the convenience of multiple wetout facilities worldwide.

Underground Solutions, the latest addition to Aegion's Infrastructure Solutions platform, provides fusible PVC solutions for a variety pf pipeline applications.

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