ID Coating or internal diameter coating.

ID Coating (Internal Diameter)

Internal diameter (ID) coatings are used to improve the flow of gas through the pipeline by creating a smooth defect free surface--greatly increasing the flow of gas through the pipeline.

Product Benefits

ID coatings are also used:

  • as a corrosion protection to increase through-put and to reduce wax and hydrate formation
  • as an insulator on electrically heated pipe-in-pipe lines to reduce pipe maintenance and making pipeline inspection easier
  • in potable water applications

Facility Locations

The Bayou Companies has multiple ID coating facilities in New Iberia, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Conroe, Texas and Camrose, Alberta, Canada. Facilities are capable of handling 2-inch to 48-inch pipe in varying lengths.


InnerGard™ coating is an advanced solution for traditional polyethylene liners, clad welding or expensive alloy steels currently being used for water injection lines.

InnerGard™ coating capabilities:

  • ID blasting and coating up to 24 inch (DRL)
  • Various liquid coating applications
  • Customer specific coating applications
  • State of the art QA/QC testing and reporting

Advantages to internal coating: 

  • Protects steel pipelines being stored for extended periods prior to installation
  • Reduces the cost of inhibitors and pigging
  • Eliminates the formation of black powder and inhibits microorganism growth activity
  • Extends the life of the pipeline
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection (chemical/water)
  • Enhances flow assurance
  • Greatly reduces pipe cost when compared to using high alloy pipe
  • All applied coatings shall meet drinking water standards. Contact Bayou for additional information regarding certification to the NSF/ANSI Standard 61.
  • Offers better visual inspection with a smooth, hard surface

Facility Location:

Bayou's InnerGard™ coating facility is located at the Port of Iberia in New Iberia, Louisiana.