Hockway corrosion

Onshore Processing Plant

Project: Detailed design and manufacture/supply of a Cathodic Protection (CP) system for some 30kms of buried in-plant piping within the Eskene West Onshore Processing Facility (OPF) of the Kashagan Field Development Programme. This project had to be designed to cope with temperatures as low as -35º C.

The CP system was designed based on a close anode system using canistered mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes installed in close proximity to the buried piping and at 10m spacing along it’s entire length. A Close Anode CP design works more effectively than a remote anode system for in-plant buried piping, as there is a greater reduction in the loss of CP current to plant earthing systems and less interference effects on other buried metallic structures within the plant.

The CP system supplied comprised some 2,650 No. anodes, powered by 134No. 75A/50V dc output transformer rectifiers through 274No. positive distribution boxes. Liaising with the five (5) different Contractors involved in the construction of the OPF ensured that a common design philosophy for the CP system was applied throughout the Plant and that a commonality of CP equipment was ensured.

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