polyethylene pipe liner

Operations, Monitoring & Maintenance

Project: A 46/42/34” diameter BTC pipeline carrying crude oil from the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan, through Georgia to the port of Ceyhan in South Turkey on the Mediterranean, totaling 1768 kilometers (443, 249 and 1076km). A 42” diameter SCP pipeline carries natural gas from the Caspain region through Azerbaijan and Georgia into Turkey and as such follows the same pipeline corridor and shares the same Cathodic Protection System as the BTC pipeline.

Hockway has monitored and run specialist surveys for these pipelines including a coating survey using DCVG (Direct Current Voltage Gradient) or a corrosion protection survey CIPS (Close Interval Potential Survey) on the entire length from Baku to Ceyhan.

The program involved many logistical, environmental and technical issues, not least of all due to the remote and mountainous route of the pipelines. The monitoring program focused on establishing a good quality base line to ensure the integrity of these strategic and high pressure pipelines.

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