polyethylene pipe liner

United Pipeline Systems

United PipelineUnited Pipeline Systems is a specialized pipeline contractor. United has the trained manpower, the specialized equipment and the worldwide expertise to tackle a wide variety of HDPE pipe lining rehabilitation challenges safely, on time and on budget. Learn more about United at www.unitedpipeline.com.

Global Experience

Since 1985, United's HDPE pipe lining solutions have been used to internally rehabilitate and protect over 12,900 kilometers (8,000 miles) of pipelines on six continents.

Tite Liner® System

United Pipeline Systems has developed and provides the world’s leading high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lining system for protecting pipelines from internal abrasion and corrosion. These HDPE pipe lining systems can range in size from 2" to 52" in diameter.

Turn-Key Installations

United can provide complete turnkey pipeline rehabilitation projects that include all phases: planning, procurement, excavation, welding of flanges, pipe lining, lined fittings and hydrotesting.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities give us complete control over production scheduling and the quality of specialized pipeline materials and equipment.


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