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Corrpro Companies

corrproFor over 25 years, Corrpro has been a leading provider of cathodic protection systems and engineering services. As a subsidiary of Aegion Corporation, Corrpro offers corrosion solutions for pipelines, refineries, above and underground storage tanks and for every industrial market including water, wastewater, concrete, infrastructure, offshore and marine.

Corrpro strives to provide high-quality cathodic protection materials and cost-effective services including engineering, pipeline integrity, construction, and coating inspection. Dedicated to ensuring preservation of energy resources, protection of the environment and the integrity of the world's infrastructure, Corrpro is a leading provider of cathodic protection systems and engineering services, as well as a leading supplier of corrosion protection services relating to coatings, pipeline integrity and reinforced concrete structures.

Corrpro Inc. has steadily grown since its establishment in 1984 through internal expansion and strategic acquisitions. Corrpro Companies Inc. currently comprises the following business units:

To better solve your unique corrosion problems, we maintain more than 40 offices worldwide for the most cost-effective solutions and customized service on a local level. Corrpro provides corrosion engineering, cathodic protection and corrosion prevention products for:

  • Oil & gas 
  • Water & wastewater
  • Electric power
  • Chemical processing refineries

Corrpro Companies, Inc. is the complete corrosion protection source for all types of structures found in diverse environments throughout the world. Comprised of the largest group of dedicated corrosion control professionals, state-of-the-art research and testing laboratories, along with an extensive materials production facility, the firm has the strength to meet virtually any corrosion-related need. Using this strength, we offer our clients the most innovative and economical long-term solutions for their particular corrosion problems. Using our broad-based industry experience, we offer our clients the most innovative, cost effective and long-term solutions for preserving their assets through corrosion control. We accomplish this through our commitment to rigorous engineering and design procedures, advanced research, and proper application of a broad range of products and services aimed at preserving piping, equipment and infrastructure in diverse industries and environments throughout the world. Our services allow commercial and government institutions to stop the corrosion of metallic structures, which, in turn, prevents or substantially delays the vastly higher expenditures required to replace deteriorated and unsafe structures. Corrpro Companies, Inc. provides intelligent engineering, advanced research and a broad range of products and services, all directed toward the preservation of the world's energy resources, infrastructure and environment. Learn more about Corrpro Companies at its website.

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