cathodic protection

Corrpro not only designs AC Mitigation systems but has the construction teams and equipment to complete the installation of these essential corrosion/hazard mitigation systems within the highly complete joint utility corridors. Whether it is working with the owner on an existing pipeline system or thru a contractor on a new pipeline installation Corrpro has the project management capabilities and construction teams capable of staffing and equipping multiple project. Corrpro construction team members are well versed in the installation of zinc/copper parallel mitigation systems along with required gradient control systems and solid state decouplers.

Along with a trained staff, Corrpro will choose the most economical and least evasive approach to installing these systems minimizing the footprint required in order to install the mitigation systems. This will include but not be limited to the use of plows and boring equipment to preserve right of way integrity.

With the growing demand to share rights-of-way with high voltage power lines, there is the growing need for interference and corrosion mitigation solutions for pipelines. Corrpro is equipped to almost any pipeline/power line scenario from one pipeline and one power line to multiple pipelines and multiple power lines in congested corridors with complicated geometry. We have experience in projects ranging from a few miles to over 600 miles. Corrpro can provide many services to pipeline and power line companies including:

  • Field investigations of existing and new pipelines or power lines
  • AC voltage gradient above grade survey
  • SES software modeling
  • Mitigation design
  • Materials
  • Construction services (installation of mitigation materials)
  • Inspection and commissioning of mitigation systems

Asset Integrity Management

Aegion Provides Asset Integrity Management services for the world's pipeline systems.

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