vacuum excavation

Vacuum Excavation Services

Corrpro offers cost-effective, safe, and efficient excavation for various applications. Air can typically dig faster than water, automating the potholing process. Using an air-vacuum system, Corrpro crews can dig a 12-inch x 12-inch x 5-foot deep pothole in most soils in just seven minutes.

Recommended uses for vacuum excavating:

  • Compressor Stations
  • Power Plants
  • Streets/High Traffic Areas
  • Pipeline Casings
  • Pipelines
  • Lift Stations
  • Service Stations
  • Limited Access Locations
  • Facilities where the exact location of buried piping is unknown

Safety and Quality

Vacuum excavation substantially lowers the risk of personal injury to the operator since test leads or anode lead wires can be attached to piping from the surface. Because air-vacuum excavation is non-conductive, it is much safer to operate. In addition, air won’t damage the utilities you are trying to expose, significantly reducing the possibility of damage claims. A pick, shovel or high-pressure water can damage the utilities you are trying to protect.


Air-vacuum excavation turns a backbreaking, messy and dangerous job into a fast, simple and safe process and provides significant benefits:

  • Operates up to 200-feet away from truck for areas difficult to access. Our optional Barrel-Top Interceptor keeps the spoils at the digging site.
  • Digs faster than water in most soils.
  • The job is able to be completed in a shorter and safer time frame saving you valuable down time and overall costs.
  • With a smaller hole to fill, less expensive material costs and reduced pavement repair costs, your overall project costs are reduced.


  • Underground utility locating
  • Cathodic protection installation for both sacrificial and impressed currents
  • Test lead installation
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